We Love Our Community!

We have shown this through our various sponsorships, grants, scholarship and donation programs. We understand that it is the local community that makes us who we are and supports us; in turn, we aim to always give back.

Club and Grassroots Sports Sponsorship

We currently sponsor the following clubs and teams in various capacities:

  • Albert Park Football Club
  • Carlisle Park Viking Cricket Club
  • Cranbourne Cricket Club
  • Cranbourne Football Club
  • Cranbourne Super Rules
  • Cranbourne Junior Football Club
  • Cranbourne Turf Club
  • Dandenong Stingrays
  • Devon Meadows Football Club
  • Hallam Football Club
  • Hastings Bowls Club
  • Keysborough Football Club
  • Mornington Racing Club
  • Old Mentonians Soccer Club
  • Pakenham Football Club

World Vision Sponsorship Since 2008

Highview has sponsored a child from Nicaragua through World Vision since 2001. We helped create a better future for Enmanuel Villalta Garcia and his entire community over the 15 years of sponsorship, when work in his community met its full potential and drew to a close in 2016. We continued our sponsorship to change the life of another child in great need. We now support 10 year old Julia Anabell Jarquin Mairend from the Xochotlapan Project. Highview’s assistance helps Julia in the same way we helped Enmanuel; to go to school, for their entire family to be fed safe nutritious food, and be adequately clothed.