Thousand Faces Camp September 2023 – ran by Reach

2023 marks the third year that Highview has participated in the Thousand Faces Camp which is facilitated by the Reach Foundation.

From the 8th – 10th September, our Accountants, Lex from the Cranbourne office and Narelle from the Prahran office let go of their inhibitions and took a deep dive in to the 3 day, 2 night camp, facilitated by Reach.

Every year, Reach brings together a cohort of extraordinary young people whose different and often challenging life circumstances have not dampened their resilience and drive to achieve. This unique program matches them with inspiring adults from a variety of business backgrounds for a unique weekend of self-exploration and growth. The program offers participants a rare opportunity to safely explore what might be holding them back from harnessing their full potential.

Lex and Narelle were selected as they have both been such a valuable part of the team. Their eagerness, professionalism and their can-do attitude made them an easy choice to offer this opportunity to!

Lex recounts his experience, “The camp was incredible and eye-opening! I had to step out of my comfort zone, participating in activities and open discussion circles, which was quite confronting at times. In the moment, I didn’t realise that these activities would have such a profound effect, and initiate a new way of thinking, even after the camp. It was also a great change of pace to everyday life, knowing that adults such as myself were learning more from the young people than they were learning from us. It was a great opportunity to let go of all inhibitions and be open, honest and raw.”

Narelle was very impressed with the fact that the camp was youth-led. “The oldest facilitator at the camp was 26. It was amazing to see such young people coordinating the event. They were able to tackle hard issues as they arose, giving proper answers and solid advice. The fact that these young people could facilitate an in-depth activity and conversation with people from all walks of life – such as CEO’s, managers, young people and older people, was so inspirational.”

Both Lex and Narelle would jump at the opportunity to do something like this again and will infiltrate certain aspects of it to their everyday life. Lex says; “It is important to not only learn and develop on the skills learned, but to also practice them in all aspects of my life. I want to make sure I apply this newfound knowledge not only professionally, but in my personal life too – remembering the people I met and their life stories.”

We are so proud that these two inspirational staff members were able to represent Highview, and we look forward to the 2024 Thousand Faces Camp!