Things that devalue a property.

One of our well-respected friends, Greville Pabst, is the Chairman of WBP Group – one of Australia’s largest property valuation companies with over three decades of experience, he too is known for his role as a Property Expert on Nine Network’s ‘The Block’. Recently he wrote an article with some great info on key things which devalue a property… we thought these great tips were worth sharing!

From Greville’s experience, here’s three things that devalue a property:

💰 DIY home ‘improvements’
If these home improvements are done incorrectly, or even worse, illegally, these can significantly devalue the price of your home. 

💰 Flood or bushfire risk
Is your house located in a flood zone or in an area prone to devastating bushfires? If so, this will impact the price many people would be willing to pay to live there.

💰 Location
If two houses look exactly alike, but one sells for a lot more, then the location is the determining factor. A house that is close to schools and amenities will have higher value than a house that is further away from schools and amenities, while locations that include high crime rates, poorly lit streets, and a frontage road that is in poor condition, can all bring the value of the property down.

Thanks for these highlights Greville!

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