Our team reminisce on their sun-filled travels… let’s get excited about the warmer Spring days ahead!

We have loved seeing so many of our Highview Crew’s travel adventures since the unexpected travel ‘pauses’ we all faced in the past couple of years. Whipping to locations across Australia and the globe, we thought now, at the end of Melbourne’s chilly month of August, we could warm ourselves up by reminiscing on some of our team’s fun adventures. We value the importance of taking well-earned breaks, whether it is jet-setting or not, it’s time well spent for sure!

Melanie Pitzer – Senior Accountant, Cranbourne.
“I travelled to Thailand, Cambodia, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Vatican City, Turkey and Greece (which was the 30th country I’ve been to!). It was an amazing 2-month trip with one of my best friends and we enjoyed exploring new places and eating our way around the world. The highlight of the trip for me was hot air ballooning in Turkey at sunrise, as well as a camel trek through the desert in Morocco!”

Helen Walker – Receptionist, Cranbourne.
“Japan was a destination we’d been keen to explore for many years. We really wanted to experience the culture – plus, my husband Clint and I both absolutely LOVE Japanese food! We planned our trip based around immersing ourselves into local customs and visiting unique and spiritual destinations. It was an incredible experience! We had so much fun and enjoyed every moment with our lovely tour group on daily adventures. I’d go back tomorrow!”

Abby Dart – Receptionist, Prahran.
“I went on an 8-day cruise in July travelling to Vanuatu and New Caledonia! It was such a relaxing time away with plenty to do onboard the boat. The food was amazing and the islands were so beautiful. I’ve never seen water so blue! The time off was well-needed and I enjoyed every second.”

Brodie Crowther – Marketing Director.
“A year of birthday celebrations (Darren’s 40th and my 37th), saw us chase the sun twice this year travelling to Hawaii and Hamilton Island. What an epic way to celebrate! We had to laugh as we hopped off the plane, returning to Melbourne after each trip in our shorts and tee’s… bolting from the runway directly to baggage claim – ready to pull out every layer of warmth we had in our luggage. One big holiday with our beautiful kids, and one short weekend away kid-free, what more could you ask for?”

Simon Byers – Senior Partner, Prahran.
“My wife and I went on a group holiday with six other couples to New York in June. A kid-free holiday that included us all celebrating our friends 40th birthday party. It was one of the best weeks I’ve had – full of late nights, fancy dinners, loads of laughs with great people and sleeping in!!!”

Ros Brownlee – Practice Manager, Cranbourne.
“My husband and I escaped the Melbourne cold and headed up north to Palm Cove for a friend’s wedding. We left the kids at home with my parents which made it extra relaxing. We had a few incredibly restful days drinking cocktails and eating lovely food without being rudely awoken at 5.30am to make Weetbix and start the daily grind, ha-ha! We are heading back to sunny Queensland in October but taking our plus-2 with us, so sadly the relaxing holidaying is over, but the crazy adventures we’ll have as a family of four will be fun for sure!”

Annette Brick – Receptionist, Cranbourne.
“I went on a 4-week holiday with four of my nieces to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Geneva, Zurich, Venice, Florence, Naples and Rome. Some highlights for me were Stone Hedge, Windsor Castle, Moulin Rouge, The Louvre Museum and Palace of Versailles. We did so many tours and day-trips which made our itinerary jam-packed! We finished up our trip with a pasta and pizza-making class before flying home. I’m so lucky to have amazing nieces that were happy to include me in their holiday – it was absolutely incredible.”