Get to know Sophie…

Her friends describe her as compassionate & loyal, someone who you can trust but also as a bubbly individual that doesn’t take herself too seriously. Sophie joined Highview in 2014 as Mornington’s first employee under the guidance of Mornington’s Director Sam Nixon. She joined Sam on a part time basis to begin with, while she completed her final units at University. After an international trip of a lifetime, she returned home to the Mornington Peninsula to a full-time position at Highview – & hasn’t looked back since.

Sophie was born in New Zealand & moved to the Mornington Peninsula with her family when she was 4 years of age. Growing up on the peninsula, she became a lover of the sunshine & coastal beaches. Her greatest passion is travelling, having travelled throughout Europe, America & Mexico, with current plans forming around her next big adventure in 2020 – at this stage she’s considering the destination of Greece. An absolute highlight on past travels were the Greek Islands & Columbia – Sophie said, “I love that you can be at a glorious beach, then you travel a couple of hours & you can be hiking incredible mountains.”

The true accountant in her came out in November 2018, when she put a hold on the big travelling plans to purchase her first home in Chelsea with her partner of 5 years, Todd. Sophie met Todd at their local Mordialloc Football & Netball Club, where she’s enjoyed playing netball for the past few years. Sophie’s smile is ear-to-ear when speaking of Todd’s sporting achievements – she has been incredibly proud watching Todd dominate at the club being 4 times B&F and 5 times Captain. Family plans are on the cards for these two – yes, they plan to get themselves a golden retriever & name him Ralph! Sophie says they’ll be getting him one day soon – we hope Todd’s aware!

Working at Highview has been a journey that Sophie has thoroughly enjoyed so far, “I love working with my clients, getting to know them on a deeper level & truly understanding their goals is really important to me” says Sophie. “I’m learning something new every day & knowing that my work is helping people to achieve their life goals is the reason why I enjoy accounting so much.” Sophie has an excellent communication style. She takes time with her clients to carefully provide detail when required, to ensure everything is clearly understood & her clients feel at ease. This is why her clients love her.

Sophie is currently completing her CPA studies, with only a couple of subjects to go until she can obtain her post graduate qualification. She’s a proactive go-getter with her career ambitions set high. She’s ready to take on great opportunities that come her way at Highview, “I know if I work hard, put my heart into my role & my clients, I will be rewarded… I feel challenged at Highview and greatly appreciated” says Sophie.

We wish her well on finalising her studies this year & will be sure to enjoy watching her career prosper within the team at Highview Mornington – we also expect an office visit from Ralph at some stage!

Come book in with Sophie at Mornington & experience the friendly, positive client-centric service that she has to offer.