Get to know Carlia…

Carlia’s face would be well recognised by many within our Highview community – because she’s been a much-loved member of the Highview family for 10+ years! Starting with us at the ripe age of 21 straight out of University, Carlia – a bright, bubbly individual – joined Highview when the business was in its infancy with just 10 employees and one office location. “I remember being so warmly welcomed into the small team which had a really close family-feel within the office.” Said Carlia.

We asked Carlia how different it is to work for Highview now versus 10 years ago, “Well things have certainly changed a lot! The business has grown 4 -5 times in size. Internally we’ve changed the way we work with clients too. Back-in-the-day, all Partners would give me client work as we were so much smaller. But to ensure best practice and efficiency for our clients as we’ve grown, we’ve made big changes and we now work in structured teams and I personally concentrate on working on clients under Silvio’s umbrella. It’s a great structure as I get to know my clients intricately over time and as a result, I can be a better Accountant for them.”

Carlia’s been an incredibly loyal, committed and valued team member, always putting in 110% to get the job done right. Her clients simply adore her. Just recently a client spoke to us about Carlia and his words sum up how we feel about her too, he said – “There are some people who go to work and do their job…. some are good at their job and some are not so good at their job…. and then there are people like Carlia who truly care about their job and the things that happen within it. She is not only great at her job, she cares. Her work doesn’t go unnoticed.” Such kind words about Carlia!

Carlia’s most important passion in life is her family. Carlia feels very settled, living with her husband Justin and two beautiful boys; Zach who’s 5 and Hudson who’s almost 2, in their family home in Cranbourne North. The team at Highview too has loved being a part of Carlia’s life. Many joined to celebrate at Carlia and Justin’s wedding 7 years ago and since have adored watching them bring their boys into the world and care for them wonderfully. Carlia took some time off when having her boys but was back part-time in the office punching out tax returns in no time, and we admire her organisation and balance! “Highview have been very supportive of working mums which has been great. There’s so much flexibility. So, the adjustment of continuing to work while being a mum has been a smooth transition so far for me – although there’s certainly the crazy hectic moments! I’m also very lucky as it wouldn’t have been so smooth without the amazing support from Justin and my mum! That’s truly been the key for our family!” said Carlia.          

We asked Carlia to reflect on a great memory she has from over the past 10 years, “There’s been many memories. I don’t think I could pinpoint one, but something I know I’ve really enjoyed is getting to know my clients on a professional level but also on a personal level over the years. I’ve been with them to give congratulations on their achievements, to offer support in their hard times and their successful times, to high-five them on hitting their first major business milestone, and then to help them work out a plan to achieve their next business goal. But, on the flipside I’ve been there for them personally – seeing them welcome their first child or grandchild, seeing their children finish University, start their own careers, or get married – these have all been highlights for me. My clients have also seen me grow and develop, being a Graduate Accountant to now a Senior Accountant, along with my personal milestones, such as getting engaged, married and then having children. It’s humbling to have clients genuinely care and wish you well not only on a professional level but personally too.” said Carlia.     

When not in the office working passionately for her clients, Carlia loves spending time outdoors with her family – going on bike rides, playing sport or venturing on long walks. She is a true outdoor person, who enjoys camping trips with her kids throughout the year. Friends and family are at the centre of Carlia’s world and having her apart of the Highview family is such a blessing. In summary Carlia made this statement – “We truly are one big Highview family!” We simply couldn’t agree more Carlia! Here’s to the next 10 years continuing the family journeys together.