Get to know our Accountant, Beau!

A little about Beau…

Highview welcomed Beau to the Prahran team in July 2014, starting as a Graduate Accountant after completing his degree in Accounting and Econometrics at Monash University. Since then, Beau has been highly career motivated and advanced from an Assistant Accountant to Senior Accountant & Client Services Manager in 4 swift years. Having finished his CPA in 2017, Beau is now completing his CPA Practice Management certification, enhancing and refining his skills in strategic business planning.

Beau has a warm but determined and contagious drive about him that assists him in every aspect of his work. Working closely under the guidance of Partner Simon Byers, Beau is an incredible asset to the Prahran team. He works closely and collaboratively with his team to provide the best service and outcomes for their clients because he truly cares.

Beau explains the most rewarding part of his role at Highview…

“Highview is such a great environment to work in. It has an awesome culture that I really enjoy being a part of. It’s also a place where you can genuinely grow and develop as a person as well as a professional.”

With a passion for business start-ups, Beau’s expertise in this area is strong. Working with new young businesses, supporting them and seeing them evolve and prosper has been a highlight for Beau over the past few years.

“I am really fortunate at Highview, I’m able to leverage my strengths and we have the advantage to collaborate closely and draw from a wealth of knowledge and experience to continuously learn and better the results for our clients.”

“Hardworking, honest and friendly” are the words used by his co-workers and friends to best describe Beau’s personality. Truly easy going, Beau has a natural assurance about him that makes him great to work with and be around. Ever reliable, Beau is passionate about helping those around him and always goes above and beyond for each service he delivers.

“I’m very driven at work, I can see what a huge difference I can make to my clients and I love the challenge and opportunities that arise when I’m at Highview.”

Beau is also a sport fanatic, in particular he enjoys soccer and football. He has a strong love of travel, and has been fortunate enough to have travelled all around Asia and is in the process of learning to speak Vietnamese. Lastly, we must say a big “congratulations” to Beau; in January of this year he announced his engagement to his lovely partner Nancy, and they plan to tie the knot in the Yarra Valley in January next year. Exciting times ahead!

Come book in with our Prahran Accountant Beau and experience the reliable expertise that he has to offer.