Digital Intelligence at Highview – Watch this space!

We’re sure you’ve heard the buzz about the advancements in technology services and artificial intelligence within the tech industry – and for good reason! The team at Highview have first handedly experienced the huge value that ‘Digital Intelligence’ services can add to a business. The benefits are vast, including cost and time efficiency, enhanced productivity, and improved team member satisfaction, just to name a few.

Following the successful implementation of several projects and the positive outcomes obtained, it became evident that clients of Highview could also greatly benefit from Digital Intelligence services… so watch this space! Digital Intelligence services are on the horizon for Highview clients!


James was a client of Highview’s working with CA, Avi Gopala. Upon meeting to discuss his accounting needs, James also showcased his expertise in providing digital and artificial intelligence solutions to businesses across various industries. Together many lightbulb moments began to create excitement. It was evident that Highview could benefit from James’ services… and fast forward many months, it certainly has! Our team were impressed beyond words, and as a business committed to continued improvement, we welcomed James on board, as our in-house Digital Intelligence Consultant.  

James, when not smashing out work on his PC, is all about making memories with his partner and adorable kids, Aubrey, aged four and Thomas, aged one. James can’t believe that Aubrey is gearing up for Grade Prep next year!

As the weekend rolls around, you’ll find James spending some quality time with the kids. He also loves to watch sport…cricket during the Summer and AFL during the Winter – go the Mighty Blues!

We asked James to tell us something about himself that would come as a surprise, and he said that he once captained the Australian Junior Men’s Curling Team! Yup, that’s right – brooms and all!

We are so happy to have you on board James and are very excited for your fresh set of eyes as you take on this new venture with our Highview Crew.


Chris is our new Digital Intelligence Automation Developer (and unofficial gaming enthusiast)!

Before joining the Highview team, Chris took a well-deserved 3-month break, indulging in all the things he loves – gaming, movie marathons, and documentaries galore. He also had a 4-week stint holidaying on the Gold Coast, bonding with his nephews over Minecraft and Lego Fortnite.

Chris calls Noble Park home, alongside his partner, Rhiannon, and their fur-baby cat, Luna. Chris insists that according to Luna, he is the favourite human in the house!

Japan holds a special place in Chris’s heart, bringing him extreme happiness every time he visits. His passion for Japan runs deep, evident in his five trips there and impressive collection of Pikachu plushies from Pokémon centres across the country. Gotta catch ’em all, right?

Chris is a man of simple pleasures who doesn’t own a car and prefers to navigate life on two wheels, public transport, or good old-fashioned walking. Traffic? No thanks – he’d rather enjoy the breeze and scenery along the way.

Chris dreams of one day creating his very own video game. But until then, you’ll find him enjoying a perfect Sunday consisting of a morning walk or bike ride, followed by a gaming session with Rhiannon, binge-watching their favourite shows, and, of course, plenty of quality time with Luna.

Welcome to the #highviewfamily James and Chris – bring on the exciting new ventures ahead!