Storms come to an end.

Just this week one of our staff members shared a positive email they received from their child’s school Principal, a school community update, and it resinated with us at Highview deeply, so much so, we wanted to share it with our community. Thank you for the words below, Principal Stuart Johnston from Peninsula Grammar. 


Life is full of them.

Some are trickles, gentle drops that we barely notice as we charge restlessly through our days.

Some are chaotic, wild and unharnessed winds, that blow away the dust and howl wildly through the

Some are almighty their fierceness instilling in us just how infinitesimal we really are, their damage leaving an indelible mark on the landscape.

Yet storms have one commonality, regardless of their strength or their size.

Storms come to an end.

We make decisions during storms.

Do we walk out in the rain?

Do we step into the winds? or

Do we shelter in the safety?

No one person will see, or hear, or feel a storm the same, and so we must embrace, for ourselves, the power of it and attempt to understand the purpose of its presence.

Equally and most importantly of all, we must accept and have faith that regardless of its ferocity and its apparent omnipotence, the storm shall pass.

What matters is that when it does, regardless of how we chose to live through it; to walk in it, to confront it or to shelter from it, we will have learnt more about ourselves.

Storms teach us, through their unpredictability and replication of life and its uncertainties, that patience and resilience are essential.

To our Highview community, we’re here for you, just a phone call away. We will weather this storm together, and the storm shall pass.