BOOST YOUR BUSINESS ‘Surviving’ to thriving!

The outbreak of COVID-19 is continuing to cause disruptions for many small-to-medium businesses, and is fundamentally changing the way you we business, now and in the future. It can be overwhelming for business owners to keep up with the new laws, rules and regulations, let alone work out an action plan for your business. As the backbone of the Australian economy, it is imperative that our small businesses not only adjust and recover, but are also set up for success in the “new normal” future. Every decision made now, could impact a business’ ability to thrive in the future. This will require extraordinary flexibility, coordination, and resilience during what may be a protracted period of recovery. That’s why we have created our BOOST Your Business program. Working with an experienced Business Coach could be the missing link to your business thriving post-pandemic.   

BOOST YOUR BUSINESS is a high level, strategic business program designed to:
– Boost your sales, profit & income
– Turn your business into a highly valuable saleable asset
– Free up your time, dissolve business stress & improve your lifestyle

Darren Crowther – FCPA
Partner, Highview Accounting & Financial

Darren is a highly sought-after business coach & taxation specialist with over 15 years experience working with businesses of all sizes, business owners & entrepreneurs.

In early 2019 he was announced as a Fellow of CPA Australia, an FCPA.The FCPA designation is a prestigious honorary title awarded to Certified Practicing Accountants (CPAs) who, through their outstanding achievements including community leadership, bring distinction to the accounting profession & serve as a role model to others.

Partner of Highview Accounting & Financial, Darren’s role has been pivotal in the growth of this multi award-winning firm, building out the network from 1 to 4 locations to date; from a singular accounting business to a large ‘Head Office’ structure incorporating multiple successful businesses with differing service offerings.

His expert opinion has been sought & published in the Australian Financial Review. Darren’s strength is in dissecting businesses & the people behind them to uncover or discover strategies to leverage results.

On top of this, Darren’s zest for taking action & achieving results is motivational. Working with Darren you will experience profound personal growth & motivation to take action like never before. He’ll nurture you to develop your mindset, habits & internal skills that will positively influence your business decisions.

Simon Byers – CPA
Partner, Highview Accounting & Financial

CPA recognised, Simon has 15+ years of lucrative business intelligence that can help you make smart business decisions. Dealing with hundreds of businesses has given Simon key insights into the exact results produced when a strategy is implemented. He has seen firsthand how a strategy performs or how decisions affect bottom line profits.

Partner of Highview Accounting & Financial, Simon’s role has been paramount in the growth of this multi award-winning firm. Specifically, he’s lead the success & impressive growth of the Prahran office – from 1 employee in 2011 to 16 in 2021. Simon has also played an integral part in the expansion of Highview from a singular accounting business structure to a large ‘Head Office’ structure with multiple successful businesses with differing service offerings.

Simon is a passionate entrepreneur with technical accounting knowledge that surpasses the norm. He’s a leader that knows all too well what it means to get trapped in the day-to-day running of a business & he’s passionate about sharing his multiple business breakthroughs that deliver increases in profits, income & asset value.

Trust & integrity lie at the core of Simon’s coaching approach. He’ll get involved in your business at a meaningful level to uncover or discover strategies to leverage results & plan for the future.


There is a package for all levels of established businesses:

BOOK a simple single brainstorming session to help create a pathway & clarity to give you focus OR take things to the next level with quarterly or monthly follow up sessions to keep you accountable towards the in-depth plans prepared.