Dear Silvio and team,

I would like to thank you for the professionalism and kindness that Highview Accounting and Financial as undertaken in the last couple of months for the 42 for 42.

We know that it is a busy time of year for your business, however you have given myself, and when needed the rest of our team the time and understanding for us to move forward and fix mistakes that have occurred.

Dealing with the veteran community at times is difficult but it can be rewarding.

Combat veterans always strive to get things done straight away and believe we can adopt and overcome every situation.
Many of us struggle with the tasks and jobs we had to endure in our roles throughout the wars we had to participate in, as well as the many tasks we have done on home soil. This at times leads us to confusion, low self-esteem and at times quick to anger.

The empathy, understanding and importantly the support you have given us, shows that you and your business are leaders in the community and our country.

My personal experience of the help we have got, helps me keep strength in striving forward in helping our veteran community, in particular our combat veterans. It has also helped me continue the drive in getting the Afghanistan War Memorial built, so everyone can understand the sacrifice that many Australians took against the war on terror.

Overall I want to say thank you for everything and all the understanding you and the team have given.


Sean Mulqueen
President and Co-Founder 42 for 42 Incorporated